Where is Wally now?

Always a plan... Starting 1 September 2012 Walter will be cycling from Vietnam to Singapore. 5000kms with a Tailwind bicycle! Follow him here:


The Book:

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Coughing the Distance

All the secrets revealed, all the action beer by beer!

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Mucous Monsters!Walter asnd the Mucous Monsters

Katherine's Hitch's
inspiring children's book complete with maps and monsters to inspire young people with Cystic Fibrosis.

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The Documentary

Coughing the Distance DVD Cover

Lucas Li's documentary is NOW available on DVD from Amazon! Watch 90 minutes of Europe as Walter's team crosses from Paris to Istanbul on bicycles.
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CF TasmaniaCF Tasmania

Mad Bomber sponsored the Paris to Istanbul Ride!

Batavus sponsored the Paris to Istanbul Ride!

Patagonia sponsored the Paris to Istanbul Ride!

Breakfast Balcony provided the soundtrack for the Paris to Istanbul documentary


Thank you David, Troy, Heather, Lucas and Cindy, Martin, Niki and Brent for cycling with me and working as a team to inspire people around the world.

I thank my parents for bringing me up the way they did: not treating me as a sick child; letting me have my way and allowing me to go and have my adventures. I am sure my father would have been very proud – he always loved it when I travelled and saw things that he had only read about. I am also grateful for the help received from my brother, Frank, and mother, Connie, as well as the entire family in Holland, especially my uncle Bernard and his Rotary Club of IJmond were invaluable.

Thanks also to the Hitch clan in the USA and the van Praag family in Holland, my friend Brent Reynolds - President of the Mad Bomber company - for sponsoring me, Martin Quelle for providing the support vehicle and helping finance film equipment and for coming along with the team for weeks of cycling; Batavus the Dutch bicycle manufacturer for providing our bikes and Cor Mellisant Fietswereld for outfitting them; Patagonia for dressing us; All the people from Tasmania who helped raise funding for the airfares for the support team; Troy Baggett and the Deck Café staff and their suppliers for their huge contributions; Tiina, Kim and Alix for ‘allowing’ their partners to ride with me; CF Tasmania for their support and the Adult CF team of the Hobart Hospital for their energy and for treating, teaching and supporting me; Jenny Busch, their team’s coordinator, for actually making it to Paris to see us off with a team of Australian fans all wearing homemade COFE T-shirts; Cath Levett of The Observer newspaper for making me a logo – onya Cath! And all the dozens of special people who helped us along the way.

We also really appreciate the support of Breakfast Balcony to help us with a fantastic sound track for the documentary!

A very special thanks to Dace Shugg from Hobart for the hundreds of hours she spent helping me – from fund raising to editing drafts of this book. She is a whirlwind of energy despite claiming to be of retirement age. Kathryn Whitfield for patiently helping me style the final edit of the book to make it more acceptable and easier to read!

I am very grateful to everyone for all their support, without which I could not have coughed the distance. The book would never have been possible if not for the many people who insisted I should record the whole experience. Hans and Marjan from Rotterdam, for instance, told me right from the start that the book needed to be written!

I have always wanted to write books, and here was my chance. It is my first book, and it is written from the heart. During the ride, I was too busy enjoying myself to take down notes and my memory was aided greatly by team member Heather Lea’s fantastic blog entries, many of which I have included in the telling of our story.

Thank you for the generous donations and support of the following companies and organisations: Mad Bomber Company, Batavus, Patagonia, Fietswereld, The Deck Café, Freney First Aid, The City of Devonport Lions Club, the Southern Cross Club in Canberra, Tasmanian Forestry, Cradle Coast Tours, Rio Tinto Mining, Coles Devonport, East Devonport Fruit Market, Annette Tyson Arts and Crafts, Dunelm Wines WA, Harvey Norman Devonport, the Ball and Chain Grill, the Cascade and Boags Breweries, Banjos Bakeries from Devonport and Salamanca, Tony Muir Massages, Suzie Smith, Coles, Eastern Shore Hobart, Crown Jewels Hobart, Sharon Radcliff Jewellery, Alan Tyson Sing-along, Liga Veska Art, The Beachfront Hideaway Cairns, Phoenix Accounting, Canoe 'n' Surf, Paul Pritchard Books, Ian Wallace Photography, Leah Orr Books, Alice Hansen Books, Simon Martin Whips & Leather craft, Hawley's Gingerbread House Wines, Joyce Simmons from the Sarrit Centre in Nairobi (Kenya), Lindisfarne Hotel bottle shop, Devonport Pizza Hut, Bakers Dozen, Tiger Ranch Wines, the Burnie HHH, House of Anvers, The Australian Institute of Sport shop, Dace’s army of sandwich makers and many many more businesses and individuals who have supported me in raising funds for The Great COFE for CF.


Coughinng on the Road


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