Where is Wally now?

After cycling from Paris to Istanbul he rode a dutch Sparta bicycle from Sydney to Melbourne, and he went in the National MG-14 sailing champtionships (and survived). But now he is training for the El Camino Trail in Spain! Follow him here:


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Coughing the Distance

All the secrets revealed, all the action beer by beer!

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Mucous Monsters!Walter asnd the Mucous Monsters

Katherine's Hitch's
inspiring children's book complete with maps and monsters to inspire young people with Cystic Fibrosis.

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Coughing the Distance DVD Cover

Lucas Li's documentary is NOW available on DVD from Amazon! Watch 90 minutes of Europe as Walter's team crosses from Paris to Istanbul on bicycles.
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CF TasmaniaCF Tasmania

Their journey started on a rainy morning in Paris. It was Saturday July 28, 2007, and through the Paris traffic they left for Istanbul with 4395 kilometers of riding ahead of them. Intending to travel through France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria they hoped to get to Istanbul Turkey. Follow their adventure and see how they managed to cycle through Slovakia!


Coughing the Distance - Teaser from Jason Sewell on Vimeo.

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The documentary was also displayed at the AIDC in Adelaide in last year and made it into its Videotheque <click here>.



If you like to screen the DVD at a public venue please contact Walter first using the contact form <here>


Coughinng on the Road


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